K9 Kruzers Locations

K9 Kruzers Adventure Academy Daycare

During the week, members of the K9 Kruzers pack can arrange to be picked up or dropped off at our property, which is located at 1310 McKenzie Road in Kelowna.

After our 2-3 hour hike, and some off-leash playtime at our fully fenced doggy paradise, we will arrange for your tired pups to be picked up or dropped off at your chosen location by 2 pm. Full day daycare is currently unavailable.



Class Meeting Place

Please note that the Map min is on the wrong side of the road and 1310 McKenzie Road is on west side of the road.

K9 Kruzers Adventure Daycare

1310 McKenzie Road
Kelowna BC V1P 1C4

*** Please note that Google Maps shows the address on the wrong side of McKenzie Road. The property is located across the street on the west side of McKenzie Road.