Important Update:

In Sept. 2018, we will re-open our doors to provide your furry friends with the best adventure hikes that Kelowna has to offer! Our new facility will continue to offer the same daily hikes, with the addition of acres of paradise for the K9 Kruzers pack to roam and socialize in a caring and controlled environment.

I look forward to continuing my passion for training and adventure, better than ever!

Please email for more information or to sign your dog up to be part of the K9 Kruzers pack!

K9 Kruzers is owned and operated by Erin Ivans, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Her mission is to provide your dog with the exercise, mental stimulation and affection that he or she needs in order to become a happy, well-mannered member of your family and the community.


Erin's Day School

K9 Kruzers





Erin and her assistants strive to provide your K9 family member with the exercise, socialization and affection that he or she needs, so you can go about your busy day of work or play!






Little K9 Kruzers Puppy Preschool

K9 Kruzers owner and professional dog trainer, Erin Ivans brings a fresh approach to training for puppies through her Little Kruzers Puppy Preschool. This is your go-to puppy program!

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K9 Kruzers Adventure Training Academy (Daycare)

Action, adventure and individualized training for dogs of all ages, K9 Kruzers Adventure Day School is the perfect option!

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K9 Kruzers Private Training Sessions

Need help with a particular behavioural issue or if you just want a one on one experience then a private training session might be right for you.

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Erin has been very helpful with obedience training for Fisher. He comes home from dayschool happy and tired. She has been able to address any of our specific concerns and has been able to show us how to address them properly.. Thanks Erin!

Ken    Kelowna, BC   

Erin has been great! She has really helped us with our dog's training and goes above and beyond when we need help. She is professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend K9 Kruzers.

D. Richardson    Kelowna, BC   

Erin is an amazing trainer and we are all very lucky to have found her! We got Kobe as a rescue and once we found out his breed through DNA testing we knew we were going to be in for it. He is a very high energy, high impulse pup and sadly we ran into many issues we were not prepared for. Thanks to Erin, she has trained not only Kobe but our family aswell on how to handle any situation we run into. She is very professional yet friendly and knows exactly what she is doing and how to achieve success. Kobe becomes extremely excited when we are on the road to training and is so happy when he sees Erin. We highly recommend Erin @ K9 Kruzers!
Thank you from our entire family.

Nikke    Kelowna   

K9 Kruzers Puppy class is the perfect balance of education and fun with your puppy. You will learn solid basics for life long success in real life settings. Erin is not only a smart, kind, calm educator but an animal lover also. My puppy loves to run the agility course and benefits from the socialization with the other puppies in a safe environment.
Thank you Erin

Kathleen    West Kelowna   

Safety First!

At K9 Kruzers, safety is also extremely important, so rest assured that your dog will be in good hands! Erin is Canine First Aid certified and is also a Registered Canine and Equine Sports Therapist. She also provides laser therapy for dogs and horses through Dr. Gail Jewell of Heartland Veterinary Services.

Heartland Veterinary Services - Laser Therapy

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